Journal Publication Assistance

The world of scientific research survives due to quality research publications. In the wake of heavy competition, genuine and prestigious journals reject a great number of papers citing novelty and lack of scientific communication. QualiGrafé provides exclusive services to researchers to meet their publication goals. Right from choosing the best matching journal to successful publication, we are there to help in each step. Clients can even hire a personal coach to get trained on publishing articles in premium journals.

Genuine Research Support

Novice and rural research scholars that are less exposed to scientific literature and research methodologies require a genuine support to plan their research systematically and proceed further with confidence. All great researchers need not be good writers. Language should not be a barrier to propagate their research findings to the scientific community. Join hands with QualiGrafé to rock in your research career.

Proposal & Report Writing

With the increasing number of higher education institutions all over the world, majority of them involve in active research. Research without funding would cost much either to the individual researcher or to the institution. Strong and compelling proposals are the keys to open the doors of funding agencies. QualiGrafé provides reliable services to prepare high-standard research proposals to tap the maximum grants. Similarly, receiving continuous funds depends on the mandatory periodical project reports. With QualiGrafé, you are assured of the best possible research reports.

Thesis/Dissertation Grammar-check

A quality and error-free thesis/dissertation completes the painstaking research work done devoting a precious time period spanning to several years. Impactful and impeccable writing style would fetch credits of higher orders. Thus, choose QualiGrafé to ensure your thesis/dissertation is perfect in all aspects and speaks the quality of your research.

Similarity Reduction (Plagiarism)

In the past two decades, plagiarism has ruined the career of many researchers. Plagiarism detection software help the authors/publishers to avoid legal issues arising out of this problem. Failing to understand this term has led authors/researchers to use unethical ways to reduce similarity. Moreover, most people fall prey to the so-called AI-driven rewriting tools only to get a junk. Understanding the subject matter and manual rephrasing of words by experts only would reduce similarity. And QualiGrafé is specialized in rewriting using human brains.

Language Polishing

Sometimes one cannot argue that language is only for the purpose of communication. Certain fora and situations demand high style English. Concise but influential word choice becomes inevitable to attract the elite group. A thorough knowledge of contemporary usage of existing and newly coined words cannot be easily attained overnight. The language editors at QualiGrafé can accomplish this task vividly to suit client requirements.


Typos and inadvertent errors in a document do affect the credibility of its creators. A scrupulous proofreading guarantees the appropriate placement of punctuation marks, prepositions and articles. “Four eyes are better than two eyes” is what QualiGrafé believes in as far as proofreading is concerned. For each document, our company employs more than one editor to keep up the quality.

Book Publishing Consultancy

A book gives shapes to the dreams and emotions of an author. Authors of autobiographies, novels and any kind of books need a complete guidance to target the audience, publication, marketing and promotion. Simply put, the journey of a creative work from manuscript to print is made a cakewalk with the help of our mentors at QualiGrafé.


No one can understand all the languages and enjoy the beauty of words or imbibe the essence of a work. But, translation and transcreation render the semantics intact virtually. Without the art of translation, the world cannot be felt as a single entity or connected as witnessed today. Our translation section provides authentic translations of all kind of texts from major Indian languages to English and vice versa.


Social media video creators and public speakers would find it useful if they have their speech as a text. QualiGrafé transcribes video and audio files to required formats without using any software. Quality non-medical recorded audio files would be transcribed with 100% accuracy by our transcribers.

Content Development

We develop contents for webpages, education materials, product marketing and company profile to reach more viewers, beneficiaries and customers. Our writing would keep your presence at the best possible stratum in your field forever. Other content developers can also seek the help of QualiGrafé to multiply their earnings.

Research Education

QualiGrafé Author Services Private Limited has a mission of educating all researchers the nuances of research through conducting seminars, trainings and workshops periodically. On-demand programs for educational and research institutes are taken up by us to keep students/scholars updated. Institutes that want to integrate research education with their curricula can have tie-ups with us for the top-notch service.